Miso Pota


150g ・¥421

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Tamachan, Onion Miso Potage, is packed with sweetness and umami.
The onions used in Tamachan are from the famously Awajishima (Hyogo Prefecture).
This miso potage, made with plenty of these sweet onions, is simple yet richly satisfying in umami. It also contains agar, which is high in the soluble dietary fiber that’s gaining attention for gut health.

Onion Sauté Paste (Onions (from Awajishima), Rapeseed Oil), Soy Milk (Soybeans (domestic)), Rice Miso, Rapeseed Oil, Almond Powder, Kombu, Agar

63 kcal, 0.6 g of salt equivalent(per 100g)

Not available for gift packaging. * Rice Miso: Additive-free used * Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.* The factory that produces this Miso Potage also handles "wheat, dairy products, eggs, shrimp, crab, and peanuts".