Sunaona Chikara Corporation [Personal Information Protection Policy]

Sunaona Chikara Corporation proposes a healthy lifestyle, provides food-related business, including the meal industry.
In these businesses, we strongly recognize the importance of protection of personal information. All our employees must correspond to the following.


We retrieve and use personal information adequately in view of the content and scale of business shown in the above-mentioned. We, as a general rule, will not use such personal information beyond the scope needed without the prior consent, and further take necessary action to assure that.
We will not provide personal information to third parties, except when there is a legitimate reason through laws and regulations, or with the prior consent from the person in inquiry.
We shall comply with the laws and regulations, directions ordered by the government, and others by laws or codes in connection with the handling of personal information.
We establish our internal regulations for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage of personal information which we store; we also take the necessary corrective measures to keep personal information private.
We correspond by establishing the complaints and consultation services for the handling of personal information.


We will update this policy continuously by reviewing the rules of personal information protection.


March 30, 2016
Miuki Toko
Sunaona Chikara Corporation


Please contact us for inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy.

Contact of Privacy Policy: Toko

075-754-8630(Hours: 11:00 – 18:00 on weekday / Wednesday closed)

About the handling of personal information


Sunaona Chikara Corporation
Personal information protection administrator Chief Executive Officer Miyuki Toko

Sunaona Chikara Corporation establishes personal information protection policy for use of our MISO POTA KYOTO.


Personal information you provide through this website will be handled carefully in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

1.Purpose of Use

Sunaona Chikara Corporation (“we”) will collect and use personal information for the following purposes. We will not use personal information for other purposes.


-Personal information for inquires, orders, requests

(1) to deliver products, samples of products, document about products or services

(2) to send newsletters

(3) to respond to inquiries or requests


-Personal information for participation in campaigns or events, use of our other services

(1) to provide promotional giveaways or operate contests, campaigns or events

(2) to provide the services of “Sunaona Chikara Corporation” or “MISO POTA KYOTO”

(3) to send newsletters

(4) to respond to inquiries or requests


2. About provision to a third party

We provide name, company, and email address to the event’s management contractors via email, cloud services or in writing.
We will not provide personal information collected from customers to third parties
without prior consent unless otherwise required by applicable laws.


3. Entrust of personal information

We entrust the settlement to GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. which is a credit card clearing house. In addition, we don’t store credit card information in our company.
We may entrust personal information to contractors that meet to our personal information protection policy, within “1. Purpose of use”.


4. For any personal information supplied

The contents of personal information entrusted to us are optional. However, for reasonable quality of our services, we recommend that you enter accurate and correct personal information. Please accept in advance.


5. For disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure

For personal information subject to disclosure that we hold, you can claim notice of purposes, possessions, correction of contents, addition or removal, suspension of use, elimination, or suspension of providing to third parties (“disclosure”). However, please note that we may not be able to correspond to requests for disclosure involved in the evaluation.
For details of the procedures of the claims of the disclosure, please contact the phone number or mail address located in “6. Contact for the complaints about the handling of personal information, or request for the disclosure”.


6. Contact for complaints regarding the handling of personal information, or requests for the disclosure

Please contact the following for complaints about the handling of personal information, or requests for disclosure.


Miyuki Toko
Chief Executive Officer
Sunaona Chikara Corporation Chief Executive Officer
88 Daikoku-cho, 1F, Tominokoji Higashiiru, Rokkakudori, Nakakyo-ku, Kyoto
# 604-8073
075-754-8630(Hours: 11:00 – 18:00 on weekday / Wednesday closed)