Prize Gold

[Pumpkin & Sweet Potato]


¥ 480-

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“Miso Potage” like a dessert, based on the sweet tastes of Pumpkin and Sweet Potato, twists the flavors of sweet sake and ginger.

Enjoy the healthy sweetness melting in your mouth.

Miso: Organic Rice Miso, Organic White Miso (Shiro miso)
Soup Stock: Dried Japanese Radish Strips Broth
Others: Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Sweet Sake (Amazake), Ginger Powder

39kcal, Sodium 192mg(per 100g)

* MISOPOTA is manufactured at the factory which deals with "wheat, dairy, eggs".

  • ごほうびの黄金 [かぼちゃ&さつまいも]