2024.02.09 PRESS RELEASE

Research Findings Announcement
「Announcement of Comparative Data on Oligosaccharide Content
in Miso Potage and Commercial Miso」

Sunao Power Corporation (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, CEO: Miyuki Toko) which aims to create products that allow working individuals to easily achieve a healthy lifestyle, has introduced a new reseach results.

This time, by joint research with the Faculty of Agriculture at Saga University, we measured and compared the oligosaccharide content in onion miso potage and bean miso potage with that in miso soup made with commercial miso*, as follows. 
*Measured by the phenol-sulfuric acid method

What are Oligosaccharides?

Oligosaccharides are carbohydrates in which 2 to about 10 monosaccharides, the simplest units of sugar, are combined. They are also called oligosugars.
They are low in digestibility (low energy) and are known for their effects such as improving intestinal regulation and increasing intestinal bacteria.
*Excerpt from e-HealthNet (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Researched Miso Pota
Onion Miso Potage “Tamachan”
Bean Miso Potage “Mame Mamechan”


About Miso Pota
Miso Potage is a new sensation of soup that is made into a potage form by adding richness and umami with miso that pairs well with main ingredients such as organic and domestically produced foods.


About Sunao Power Corporation
Sunao Power Corporation. is committed to creating fermentation-related products that can be enjoyed conveniently in daily life, with the concept of “healthy lifestyle through fermentation.”


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