That Fireworks

[Tomato & Paprika]


¥ 480-

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That Fireworks “Miso Potage” mainly made from Tomato, giving the strong image of summer taste, infused firmly with Hatcho Miso & Barley Miso(Mugi miso) flavor.
Enjoy the tomato and spicy paprika flavor, including a variety of nutrients for beautification and health and fatigue recovery. Cold soup will be recommended on the hot day!

Miso: Barley Miso (Mugi miso), Hatcho Miso
Soup Stock: Dried Japanese Radish Strips Broth
Others: Tomato, Paprika Powder, Black Pepper, and Chinese wolfberry fruit

22kcal, Sodium 0.7g(per 100g)

* MISOPOTA is manufactured at the factory which deals with "wheat, dairy, eggs".

For Vegan & Vegetarian