Resurrection Black

[Freshwater Clam]


¥ 480-

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Black “Miso Potage” with nourishing Freshwater Clam, Seaweed, Sesame, Hijiki, and so on. The scent of the tide will leave you wanting more.

Recommended when the body is tired from drinking.

Miso: Hatcho Miso
Soup Stock: Bonito Broth, Freshwater clam stock
Others: Freshwater clam, Pine Nuts, Wakame Seaweed, Potato, Plate laver, Black sesame, Japanese Sake, hemp seeds

41kcal, Sodium 211mg(per 100g)

* MISOPOTA is manufactured at the factory which deals with "wheat, dairy, eggs".

  • 復活の黒 [しじみ]