Nonstop Black

[Brown Mushroom & Onion & Tomato]

Retortable pouched foods ¥ 550-

*All prices do not include tax.

You must be filled with Umami taste…
Black MISO POTA soup made from the representatives of UMAMI food, such as brown mushroom, tomato, onion, kelp broth, dried shiitake mushroom blended with Rice Miso and Soy Bean Miso leads you NONSTOP eating status.

Miso: Rice Miso (Kome miso), Soy Bean Miso (Mame Miso)
Soup Stock: Kelp Broth
Others: Brown mushroom, onion, tomato, walnut, dried shiitake musuroom, olive oil, mirin, salt, black pepper, bamboo charcoal powder

56kcal, Sodium0.7g(per 100g)

* MISOPOTA is manufactured at the factory which deals with "wheat, dairy, eggs".

For Vegan & Vegetarian