2018.07.26 NEWS

MISO POTA KYOTO started delivery service by UberEats Kyoto.

Please enjoy gentle and large size (400g) new food
“Organic brown rice risotto seazoned by Shiro-Miso and Tofu”
MISO POTA KYOTO, proposing to a new style of miso soup,
has started delivery service by Ubereats Kyoto.

For this memorial start, we began to offer new food, “Shiro-Miso & Tofu Okayu,” which is made from organic brown rice and Tofu & Shiro miso potage soup. In addition to this new food, popular MISO POTA (miso potage soup) with foamed soy milk will be served as well.
For souvenir, 7 kinds of packed MISO POTA soups are convenient.
Those MISO POTA foods can be delivered to any places in those districts as below:

  • Kamigyo-ku
  • Nakagyo-ku
  • Shimogyo-ku
  • Higashiyama-ku
Food Menu (*tax included)

  • [1]Okayu (Brown rice risotto with Siro-miso & Tofu): ¥918
  • [2]MISO POTA (Miso potage soup) with foamed soy milk: ¥594 *you can choose from 3-4 tastes
  • [3]MISO POTA pack (7 tastes) : ¥594 *you can keep this pack at the room temperature
As our brand ripples outwards gradually, we will keep proposing new
miso soups to trigger the cultural aspect of having miso soup, even
after a long time.
Shop information
88 Daikoku-cho, 1F, Tominokoji Higashiiru, Rokkakudori, Nakakyo-ku, Kyoto
# 604-8073
TEL/FAX +81-75-754-8630